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The greatest minds of a generation gathered to discuss what should be done. A great evil threatens them all; war looms on the horizon, citizens are threatened, some are killed simply because, unknowingly, they were in evil’s path. The thing that those who would do evil most desire sits amidst these great leaders, enticing them, beguiling them, leading them to bicker and argue. While leaders and great minds of the time argue and debate, the least among them stands up and declares, he will do that which no one else seems capable or willing.

Put yourself in the place of the smallest and least among these great people. Would you have that kind of courage? Could you stand before so many who know so much more of the world and its ways than you do and say that you will do what they will not? Would you have the strength of character to carry a burden from which most either withdraw in fear or lust for greedily? Would you be willing to take on this burden and at the same time, acknowledge before all that you do not know how you will accomplish this great task?

These are the questions I ask myself when I watched this scene from The Fellowship of the Ring:


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