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used-booksConservative book buyers seem to have the attention span of gnat on Ritalin. A radio talk show host’s face on a book’s dustjacket attracts them like bees to pollen. They immediately jump online or rush to a Big Box Bookstore to pick up the latest conservative polemic (and then complain about liberal control of bookstores because they can’t find what they want). Once they’ve had their fill of one title, off they go to gobble up another.

Conservative Publishers, like Regnery, will produce thousands of copies of the latest conservative shot in the punditry wars. More left-leaning Publishing houses (which means almost everyone other than Regnery and Encounter) may be slower in getting titles to market, but one way or another thousands of copies are on bookstore shelves. Eventually, numerous unsold or used copies of these political potboilers end up lingering in remainder and half-price stacks, unread and forgotten. Write a book extolling the virtues of feminized men or do-it-yourself spirituality and, while you may no longer collect royalties on it, you will certainly keep used-book sellers in business. Conservative books … eh, not so much. Are conservaive bookbuyers afraid of used bookstores? (more…)


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