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Means Tested Welfare Spending 1960-2008


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The Culture Alliance

The various quotes and the occasional embedded video have been culled from The Culture Alliance website, for which I am one of the Principles and Director of Campus Programs.

Each day sees a new quote and video for visitors to enjoy and ruminate upon. While a record has been kept of every quote and every video’s embed code, I though it would be nice to keep them alive online for others to enjoy.

If you have come across my corner of the blogosphere (can a sphere have a “corner?” If it is good enough for the folks at National Review then I think it’s good enough for me.) I’d like to encourage that you check out The Culture Alliance.

And while you’re there join the cultural transformation we are undertaking. It will get you TCA’s Weekly Update, which I also produce.

My off for now … Tripple Pip!

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Or is it just Climate Change these day? I can never keep straight Progressives’ naming rules for the crisis of the day.

If you needed a reason why, today, you will not see – though you may in the future – a Hollywood bidding war for Dr. Crichton’s book State Of Fear, that video is it. The man was just far to reasonable. He needed greater hysteria and sense of moral urgency concerning the environment. His concern for the sick, dying and hungry was all well and good, but what about the polar bears 100 years from now?!?

The current manifestation of the Entertainment-Industrial Complex will churn out film after film like, The Day After Tomorrow, The Day the Earth Stood Still (remake), or The Happening. But adapt a work, by one of the most successful novelists of our time, that questions the Liberal environmental dogma?

That will have to wait until braver souls work in the industry.

HT: The Culture Project

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I have set out on a path of financial freedom in the Network Marketing industry. Therefore, I want to know the good, bad and ugly about this industry in which I work.

To educate myself I’ve picked up Leonard W. Clements book, “Inside Network Marketing: An Expert’s View into the Hidden Truths and Exploited Myths or America’s Most Misunderstood Industry“. Here is a gems I’ve found in this book. It hits at the heart of why I’m in this industry and why I wonder so many people attack it with such fervor.

“Why is it that if you create a company hierarchy where all those at the bottom can only succeed by climbing over those above them, and those above are doing everything they can to make sure that those below stay below, this is considered a legal, legitimate pursuit of the free enterprise system? If, however, you create the exact same hierarchy, but allow those at the bottom to create, and be at the top of, their own hierarchies, with unlimited support, training, and encouragement from all those above them, this is considered a pyramid scheme?”

Think about that when you go to work next Monday.

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Hello world!

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